the biggest business ISSUES are social PROBLEMS

Immerse in unique topics around social innovation by developing and applying post-conventional thinking and leadership.

During our interactive salons, we'll engage with a small group of like-minded leaders in thought provoking discussion.

Heighten awareness around universal social problems that often feel chaotic and out of control.

Create unity through shared values, challenge belief systems, and stretch your imagination to create a world filled with optimism.

community helps us brave new spaces

It fosters a sense of purpose and offers a safe space to reflect on problems that can feel overwhelming to solve alone at first.

Our salons are designed to create intellectual intimacy to catalyze conversation and spark new paths forward, individually and collectively.

It's a playground to absorb diverse thinking and generate new ideas to inspire new approaches to challenges and opportunities.

Openly share unique perspectives with transparent communication. It’s a place to be who you are and where judgement is deferred.

For leaders who are curious to gain different perspectives

Looking for a more individualized experience?

Travel to the future with us as your strategic thought partner.

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